Lenexa concrete floor grinding

Lenexa concrete floor grinding

Grinding concrete floors is a relatively new and economical way to have a smooth surface for public spaces. Not only does it require less wax, but you will also end up using fewer materials. It is becoming more popular due to the advances in precision concrete grinding technology.

What does a concrete floor grinder do?

Concrete floor grinders are specialized tools used to grind and polish hard concrete surfaces. Grinders for concrete are typically much tougher than other types of floor or countertop grinders. The key to the floor grinder is that it uses some sort of abrasive material to work against the strong, rough surface, such as Silicon carbide. It is also preferred to grind floors when they are dry as it is easier than wet grinding. Multiple people that are trained in this type of work are required to complete such hard work, so keep that in mind if you are looking for someone to assist with your Lenexa concrete floor grinding needs.

How long should the floor cure before grinding?

It could take from two weeks to a month on average before new concrete is ready to polish. Keep in mind, humid climates will generally take longer than dry ones. When the floor has reached the right hardness, your floor grinder with its abrasive is used to create a smooth finish that’s ready to be walked on.

How should I clean my ground concrete floor?

Assuming you don’t tile your concrete floor surface, it will take more than just soap and water to make it shine again. The cleaning process should be done with a sander or a grinder in more severe circumstances. You may then put on a new coating to preserve the integrity of your floor.

How can I improve my concrete floor grinding?

Concrete floor grinding is not an easy task, but there are a few tricks to help make it go smoothly. For starters, it is a good idea to throw down some sand on the surface before grinding. This helps if there is sticky material and other stains that are hard to get out.

If the surface temperature of the floor is quite hot, soaking it in water is a good idea. This will prevent overheating of your tool and the grinding process will be a little easier. A team that specializes in Lenexa concrete floor grinding will know when this is appropriate or not.

If the surface is in rough shape or has some difficult spots, you may benefit from having a shot blasting job completed before using your grinder. It will save time and energy as shot blasting is extremely heavy duty.

Will my polished floor be slippery?

After grinding and polishing your floor, it may look like a glossy and slippery surface. On the contrary, it is actually quite safe to walk on. Even waxed marble or tile floors will be more slippery than a polished concrete floor.

Polishing concrete is a labor-intensive job that requires the right equipment and a trained crew. If you are looking to have your concrete floor polished the right way, give us a call.

Lenexa concrete floor grinding

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